I'm getting my period and pimples too!
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I'm getting my period and pimples too!

"Am I not a bit old to have acne pimples? No, you're not. Acne is not just a question of age, but also of hormones. In fact, it's a common premenstrual symptom... That's why we often get pimples a week before our period 😑 Here are 5 tips to avoid pimples!


5 tips to avoid acne

A proper routine

Don't overdo cleansing (once in the morning and evening is enough) and avoid perfumed products. Instead, go to the pharmacy to find gentle products (a suitable cleanser, exfoliator and day cream).

Avoid stress

Stress plays an important role in the frequency and intensity of pimples. Stress causes an increase in the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, which affects the skin by stimulating the sebaceous glands.

Limit your use of foundation

Ideally, if you can, don't wear foundation during PMS week (the week before your period) to avoid clogging pores. If not, opt for a tinted fluid instead.

Use a different towel

It's very simple, but your towel may contain bacteria (if it doesn't dry properly, for example). Use a different towel after cleansing your face.

Psst! Remember to wipe your smartphone screen from time to time too - there's nothing worse for touching your face.

They are our friends

Vegetable milk instead of animal milk
Fish (salmon, tuna, etc.) at least once or twice a week
Orange-coloured fruits and vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, oranges)
Zinc-rich foods (beef, beans, etc.)
Whole grains instead of processed cereals
Nuts, which contain selenium (anti-inflammatory)
Brewer's yeast (rich in vitamins)
Chaste tree (reduces PMS symptoms)

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